Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Janna & Tyler's First Week!

Ok, this is my very first blog post ever!
Here are our beginning stats, Tyler & Janna, respectively

Weight 181/99
Resting Heart Rate 61/64
Pull-Ups 1/1&3/4
Vertical Leap -/-
Push-Ups 20/25
Toe Touch -4&1/2/4&1/2
Wall Squat 20sec./45sec.
Bicep Curls 16@25lbs / 15@7.5
In & Outs 25/26
Heart Rate Maximizer 172/127
-1 minute 121/133
-2 minutes 107/83
-3 minutes 81/88
-4 minutes 74/65 *I don't think that my heart rate calculated right... it was all over the place, and sometimes
wouldn't read at all.

My favorite workout of the week was probably the arms and shoulders. It was fun to see results right away.



  1. Janna! You're killing me smalls! I can't believe how ridiculously buff you are. I have been put to shame. Good job! You are my hero. :)

  2. Yay for posting! Good work! :)

  3. you guys are hilarious! how did you even find this p90x thing? i'm impressed with your dedication :)