Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brian - Day 4

Yoga is surprisingly hard.

And I will never touch my toes. I've got stuff like "Return a serve by a professional tennis player" on my list of things to do in life. Touching my toes with straight legs isn't on there. Gotta stay realistic.

Natalie Yogas It Up! - Day 4

I LOVE stretching. It feels so good to me. Granted, I've been stretching basically since I was 5 and started ballet. However, Yoga can be super hard. This is the 6th time in my life I've done Yoga. Luckily, I've been doing it every Tuesday for the last three weeks. I think that helps. It's hard to do the moves if you don't know what they are! Especially since your head is supposed to be in certain positions most of the time and it's usually not supposed to be on the screen. I'm still not positive I do all the moves right, so maybe I'll get a book or something to tell me what I'm supposed to do. Enjoy Yoga day! It's long, but the last half hour (not the ab part) is totally worth it! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Natalie's Day 3!

I was exhausted today and took a nap during the kids' naps. It worked out great though, because then I had the energy tonight to do my workout! I'm sore all over though! Here are my numbers today. I always start everything with 5 pounds since I don't know what each of the exercises are or how I'll handle them. The second round I did 10 pounds each. On a lot of them I felt like I wanted something in between.

  • Alternating Shoulder Presses: 15 @ 5lbs, 12 @ 10lbs
  • In & Out Bicep Curls: 30 @ 5lbs, 10 @ 10lbs
  • Two-Arm Tricep Kickbacks: 15 @ 5lbs, 10 @ 10lbs
  • Deep Swimmer's Presses: 15 @ 5lbs, 12 @ 10lbs
  • Full Supination Concentration Curls: 20 @ 5lbs, 20 @ 10lbs
  • Chair Dips: 12, 15
  • Upright Rows: 20 @ 20lbs, 20 @ 25 lbs
  • Static Arm Curls: 15 @ 5lbs, 15 @ 10lbs
  • Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks: 15 @ 5lbs, 7 @ 10lbs
  • Two-Angle Shoulder Flys: 20 @ 5lbs, 6 @ 10lbs
  • Crouching Cohen Curls: 20 @ 5lbs, 15 @ 10lbs
  • Lying-Down Tricep Extensions: 15 @ 5lbs, 12 @ 10lbs

Brian - Days 1-3

Okay, whose dumb idea was this anyway? Oh wait. Day three has come and gone and I've gotten up at 6:30 everyday now to do my excercises. That's 4:30 for those of you in Mountain Time. Dedication baby!

Okay, I am officially in pain now. Thank goodness for Ibuprofin. Nice to start off knowing that it's working, at least!
Here are the "before pictures." Fat? Not yet. On my way to being fat. Yep. Hence: P90X with my delicious dinner paid for by Janna and Tyler on the line... mwa hah hah.

Here are my results from the fit test, and one of the criteria that will be used to judge the winner:
Resting Heart Rate – 63
Pull-ups – 9
Vertical Leap – skipped
Push-ups – 40
Toe-Touch - -7 ½"
Wall Squat – 1m 10s
Bicep Curls – 26 @ 20lbs
In & Outs – 33
Max Heart Rate – 161
Max Heart Rate 1 – 135
Max Heart Rate 2 – 123
Max Heart Rate 3 – 114
Max Heart Rate 4 – 109

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Natalie's Day 2 - Had to Make a Change

So I'm going to blog about my journey even if no one else does! I think it helps a TON to write things down. It's more motivating. Plus it helps me get my thoughts out and gives me something to look forward to! Weird maybe, but works for me!

Today I had to do Kempo X (day 6's workout) because Brian still had today's workout in his laptop. I like makes me feel tough. I used to do it twice a week in college at Gold's before I met Brian with that former friend of mine who shall remain nameless. :) It was a good little cardio workout though! Especially after having run almost four miles this morning. I have to keep up my running too! It was nice to be able to get it done while the kiddos were napping. It worked out pretty well today. Hopefully that trend can continue on other days. So I'll do today's workout on Saturday...potentially at Kevin and Naomi's, right? We'll see! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm In!

So I guess this should really be "Hanks Versus Bluth P90X". I'm motivated because if Janna can do a pull up, so can I! :) (Right now, I can't even do 1.) I think Janna and I are both "freakishly strong" meaning, we are a lot stronger than we look. It'd be nice to look strong for a change too. I'm a tiny bit skeptical, but I've always wanted a 6-pack (of abs, not beer) so let's see if we can make it happen!

Week 1, Day 1 - Chest and Back
  • Standard Push-Up: 10 (feet), 18 (knees)
  • Wide Front Pull-Ups: 0, 0
  • Military Push-Ups: 6 (knees), 3 (knees)
  • Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: 0, 0
  • Wide Fly Push-Ups: 7 (feet), 15 (knees)
  • Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups: 0, 0
  • Decline Push-Ups: 4, 3
  • Heavy Pants: 30 @ 5lbs, 20 @ 10lbs
  • Diamond Push-Ups: 0, 0
  • Lawnmowers: 18 @ 5lbs, 20 @ 10lbs
  • Dive-Bomber Push-Ups: 0, 0
  • Back Flys: 10 @ 5lbs, 10 @ 10lbs
Bueno suerte!