Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brian - Days 1-3

Okay, whose dumb idea was this anyway? Oh wait. Day three has come and gone and I've gotten up at 6:30 everyday now to do my excercises. That's 4:30 for those of you in Mountain Time. Dedication baby!

Okay, I am officially in pain now. Thank goodness for Ibuprofin. Nice to start off knowing that it's working, at least!
Here are the "before pictures." Fat? Not yet. On my way to being fat. Yep. Hence: P90X with my delicious dinner paid for by Janna and Tyler on the line... mwa hah hah.

Here are my results from the fit test, and one of the criteria that will be used to judge the winner:
Resting Heart Rate – 63
Pull-ups – 9
Vertical Leap – skipped
Push-ups – 40
Toe-Touch - -7 ½"
Wall Squat – 1m 10s
Bicep Curls – 26 @ 20lbs
In & Outs – 33
Max Heart Rate – 161
Max Heart Rate 1 – 135
Max Heart Rate 2 – 123
Max Heart Rate 3 – 114
Max Heart Rate 4 – 109


  1. I think what I'm most looking forward to is seeing if you can ever touch your toes! :)