Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Natalie's Day 2 - Had to Make a Change

So I'm going to blog about my journey even if no one else does! I think it helps a TON to write things down. It's more motivating. Plus it helps me get my thoughts out and gives me something to look forward to! Weird maybe, but works for me!

Today I had to do Kempo X (day 6's workout) because Brian still had today's workout in his laptop. I like kickboxing...it makes me feel tough. I used to do it twice a week in college at Gold's before I met Brian with that former friend of mine who shall remain nameless. :) It was a good little cardio workout though! Especially after having run almost four miles this morning. I have to keep up my running too! It was nice to be able to get it done while the kiddos were napping. It worked out pretty well today. Hopefully that trend can continue on other days. So I'll do today's workout on Saturday...potentially at Kevin and Naomi's, right? We'll see! :)

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